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Thank you!
Here are my links to music, contact and more about what I do. Pleas get in touch  if you want to book or work with me,  or just keep in touch. 

Hope to see or play for you again on the way to our sustanable future.  Good luck!

The Bottom Falls Out

You're the only thing I know

about love

The only thing that never feels wrong

No one ever comes closer

or is a more honest reflection of myself

You are the one

that wakes me up

at night

because you are afraid

and need me

to calm you down

and say that it will be ok

say that i promise

So how do I explain

That the bottom is falling out

That we are hanging on by a thin thread

While watching as it tears

And how can I defend

that it has to end

That everything you've learned to take for granted

soon will be outdated

The only thing I know about dignity

and the only thing that is always true

You are the only one who counts on me to handle everything


The only one

who just by existing

once forced me 

to sit down

and deal with everything

I hated about living

until it got better

So how do I explain ...

And how can I defend it

if I didn't dare

and all your expectations of the future

comes with us when we fall

A face


In the forest it is quieter within me 

When I ask, I'm always allowed in 

There it always peace there


And in the water I feel safer inside

When I jump in it always catches me

There is always support there 

No matter how strong or weak I am 


You are not just here for decoration

You are the beginning of everything

You work your way into my head

You are a face who looks at me


When I've had too much of myself

And too much has taken on a life of its own

Then it's always lonely 


You are the one who reminds me

To search for what actually matters:

Just beeing present here 


You are not just here for decoration 

You are the explanation for everything 

You work your way into my heart 

You are a face looking at me

Over the rainbow (re-translation)

Over the rainbow somewhere

In a song

Floats the memory of something true

that I used to know


Over the rainbow somewhere

Everything is possible

When I dare to dream 

a magical land awaits 


And in the middle of my sleep 

I will wake up above the clouds and know for certain

That all that is sad and difficult

It doesn't really exist 

up here under the sky 


Over the rainbow somewhere

They are flying now

all little birds who know more than I can ever understand


If they can fly away from it all

up over the rainbow, can’t I too?


Like they can fly away from it all 

Up over the rainbow

That's how I‘m flying now

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