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Let The Light InChirkutt & Marte Wulff
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                     “Let the light in” -  Out Dec. 1.

The Global Bangladesh Band Chirkutt and artist Marte Wulff (NO) release song for solidarity in dark times.

In a collaboration that transcends borders and cultures, norwegian artist and climate activist Marte Wulff teams up with renowned bangladeshi band Chirkutt to release a powerful anthem entitled "Let The Light In".


Marte Wulff, recognized not only for her voice and songwriting, but also for her dedication towards environmentalism, found common ground with Chirkutt through a joint commitment to climate and social consciousness with music as the point of focus.


The collaboration aims to raise awareness of the urgent climate change-issues and the need for global solidarity and justice.


Bringing together artists from different corners of the world, "Let The Light In" is more than just a song; it is a call to action, a reminder of our shared responsibility to work for peace and protect our planet and all its inhabitants, both now and in the future.


The lyrics address the impact of the destructive forces that drive both war, climate change and inequality, and call upon the listener to act and to be responsible stewards of the planet and all its inhabitants.


The music is a mixture of Norwegian and Bangladeshi musical elements, which symbolizes coming together across cultures for a common cause.

With hopes of a brighter future: "Let The Light In" is out Dec. 1.




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The Global Bangladesh Band Chirkutt is Known for cross-genre music that blends traditional Bangladeshi sounds with modern influences, Chirkutt has been a major driving force in the Bangladeshi music scene, and have played festivals like SXSW, Madison Square Garden with Scorpions, in Norway, UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and more, which is unique for a band from South East Asia.


The music of Chirkutt is based on philosophy, love and empathy for society and climate. As pioneers of socially conscious music in Bangladesh, the band bring a unique perspective to the collaboration, adding depth and diversity to the environmental anthem.

Marte Wulff  is an acclaimed, two time Spellemann/(Norwegian
Grammy)-nominated artist, singer and writer with seven
solo albums and many hit songs behind her.

Since 2018 she has engaged in climate and environmental issues both through her music and talks, and as a social debater and activist. She has a certification in Creative Climate Leadership
from Julie’s Bicycles CCL programme, and was in 2020
named one of ten Green Guardians in the category of
artists and activists in British music magazine IQ.

Marte will be releasing her first novel on Oktober
forlag in 2024, and is also one of two initiators behind
Spillerommet, an artist movement working for an
innovative and self-sustainable music industry.



Vocals, lyrics and tune by Marte Wulff

Vocals and bangla lyrics by Sharmin Sultana Sumi

Music arrangement by Chirkutt

Vocals, mandolin, harmonium by Jahid Nirob

Guitar and harmony by Dibbo Nasser

Drums by Pavel Arleen

Bass and harmony by Mir Araf Hossein Zaivs


Mix and master by Sumon Parvez

Vocal recordings by Sjur Miljeteig, UHU studio, Oslo & Butter Records, Dhaka.

Let The Light In  (Lyrics: M. Wulff & Sharmin Sultana Sumi)


Buildings coming down

shaken by the sound

Even in our sleep, we cry

Children flood the town

Looking for a moral crown

Even in our dreams we lie


Some say fighting is the only way to get out out of the dark

But we know salvations buried in the ruins of our heart 

just let the light in


Power is the game, stories full of shame

Every time we tried, we failed

But life flows from the ground

Children flood the town

When we are awake, we dream 


Some say fighting is the only way to get out out of the dark

But we know salvations buried in the ruins of our heart 

just let the light in


Some say fighting is the only way to get out of the dark

Don't they know freedom is always waiting safely in our hearts

Some say violence is the only language our kind understands

Don't they know we hold compassion in our hearts and in our hands


Just let the light in

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